For those who don’t know, designer dogs are made when breeders mix and match different purebred dogs in hopes of creating an animal that has the best traits of both breeds. According to the Website, the man who helped create one of the first designer dog breeds now says he feels “massive regret” over the craze he helped start. That man’s name is Wally Conron. He’s a service-dog trainer who remembers getting a letter in 1988, from a woman who desperately needed a seeing-eye dog that wouldn’t shed, because her husband was highly allergic. At the time, Conron says no one had ever thought to pair a Labrador retriever - the world’s most popular seeing-eye breed - with an allergy-friendly poodle. So, he gave it a try, and the “labradoodle” was born. Little did Conron know that his experiment would kick off a designer dog craze that now includes breeds like Schnoodles, Puggles, Maltepoos and countless others.

So, why does Conron regret them now? He believes too many people jumped on the designer dog bandwagon, and started breeding dogs for money. Conron says the problem is that when you crossbreed dogs, you never know what you’re going to get. In fact, when he tried to breed his first labradoodle, only three-out-of-ten pups had the allergy-free traits he was looking for. Unfortunately, most “backyard breeders” won’t tell you that. Instead, they’ll promise you’ll get the best of both worlds and charge as much as $1,000 for each designer dog, even though they’ll essentially be selling you a mutt! Then, when you discover your new dog isn’t exactly what you were hoping for, you may be more likely to return it to a shelter. That’s why some experts believe the days of the designer dog craze may be ending, as more people come to realize that it’s simply impossible to breed a “perfect” dog. So, instead of spending thousands of dollars on a designer dog, we recommend adopting one instead. To find a loveable mixed-breed mutt near you, try this Website: