If so, you're not alone. According to ABC News, in Western countries, 1 in 4 pets is grossly overweight. In fact, the number of doggy and kitty heart attacks has risen almost 50 percent in the past 2 years. So, here are some tips on how to make your pets thinner and healthier:

  • First, there's "Doggie Atkins". It's a new, high-protein 12-week doggie diet from Pedigree, with follow-up kibble to maintain the weight loss. There are no plans for a "Cat-kins" diet, because cats already eat more protein than dogs
  • Next, there's an American "pet makeover" contest. You put your pet on a 4 week diet, and send in "before" and "after" pictures - And you could win free pet food for a year, plus a person-and-pet spa vacation, where you and Fido can enjoy side-by-side massages and Jacuzzi baths
  • Another way you can help your dog lose weight is cook for them! That's according to Micki Voisard, author of "Becoming the Chef Your Dog Thinks You Are"
  • Then there's Gourmet Pet Spray, for finicky eaters, or sick puppies. It's a zero-calorie flavor-enhancer that tastes like sirloin, fish, or bacon-and-cheddar
  • And the final weight-loss trick is for cats. It's a remote-control "virtual mouse" called "Cat Attack". It can be set on auto-pilot, or you can steer it around the house to tempt your couch potato cat.