Here’s how to soothe your pet’s frazzled nerves, and keep them from distracting your guests. They’re from the website

  • If your pet gets whiny and skittish when a crowd arrives, a little squeeze will help them relax and quiet down. Take your thumbs and index fingers and press the tips of both of their ears, gently squeezing and releasing for 45 seconds. What does this do? It targets the acupressure points that ease mental stress, and calms the four-footed crowd right down.
  • Then, if you want to keep your dog from jumping on your party guests, try this: Before you open the door to your guests, spritz your left hand with lavender water. When the jumping ensues, pat your pet’s head with your lavender-scented hand. The aroma helps shift their brainwaves into a calmer rhythm. Since dogs have such a great sense of smell, Fido should immediately calm down, and become a proper party animal.