Have you ever wanted to own a tiger? Sure, it may maul you, but aren’t they beautiful? Well, here’s a safer and legal alternative. It’s called the “toyger” – and it’s a house cat bred to look like a toy-size tiger! Designer cats? Why not! Today, just like people want designer jeans and handbags, they now want designer pets, too. And some experts expect the toyger to become one of the most sought-after cats in history - fetching prices as high as $4-thousand dollars each!

According to Life magazine, the toyger is more muscular than most cats, with a white-ish belly, and reddish-amber fur flecked with gold. And unlike other striped cats, they’ve got bold, dark stripes that flow up from the stomach and down from the spine, and form concentric arcs around the face –like a real tiger. In fact, they look just like baby tigers and with every new litter, the resemblance grows stronger. Toygers are also smart, playful and affectionate.  

They want to be in your lap, in your face, and in the dishwasher. And unlike most cats, they adore water, and will splash around for hours in a plastic kiddie pool. But just so we’re clear, they have no tiger DNA. They’re just bred for those specific qualities in looks and personality. And as they keep breeding them, more tiger-like features will come out – like more rounded ears and wider noses. Of course, it’ll be a few more years before you can buy your very own toyger. But if you’d like to take a peek at the cat of the future – and see why you should start saving your money now – check out the website Toygers.org.