There’s a new website out there that’s bound and determined to save lives! No, not human lives – the lives of potential pets. It’s called, and we found out about it on the ABC News website. Like similar sites, it posts photos and descriptions of dogs in shelters around the country. However, it’s unique in one big way: it includes only dogs that are expected to be put to sleep, as well as a countdown clock that estimates how long the dog has to live if it’s not adopted.

The site was started in September by Alex Aliksanyan. He says about a year ago, he began to research ways to tell people about dogs that were suffering. He thought if people were able to look into the eyes of these dogs that were going to be killed for no reason, they would take action. That idea snowballed, and Aliksanyan came up with The site includes more than 400 dogs from 140 shelters nationwide. Many have found homes, but for those who didn’t get adopted in time, there’s a memorial page honoring them.

Just how long an animal has before it’s euthanized depends on the city or state. Despite the site’s timer that counts down the number of days and hours a dog has left before it’s put down, many shelters say that can change – depending on how crowded the shelter becomes. The ASPCA estimates that between 5 million and 8 million dogs and cats go into shelters every year. Approximately half of them wind up euthanized. Despite the lives it’s saving, some animal humane groups worry that Dogs in Danger is using “scare tactics” to get people to adopt.

Julie Morris, vice president of national outreach for the ASPCA, says she doesn’t like the idea of getting people to adopt out of guilt and on the spur of the moment. People should take the time to make sure they can care for an animal, and that they’ve found one that’s right for their family. Also, humans need to be screened properly to make sure they’ll make responsible pet owners.