It’s a traveler’s nightmare: Trapped for hours with a chatterbox strapped into the airplane seat next to you. So, here’s how to have a quiet flight.  These tips come from travel columnist Christopher Elliott and More magazine:

  • Bring distractions. Like a novel, a book of crossword puzzles, or even a spreadsheet from work. If you’re engrossed in something, you’re less likely to be engaged in conversation by your seat-mate.
  • Become undesirable. In other words, trot out the eyeshades or the earplugs – and use ‘em. If you’re off in your own little world, most people won’t intrude. Also, if you’re under the weather, say so. People are less likely to chat you up if they think they’ll get your cold.
  • A final way to cut yourself off from a chatty seatmate: Be honest. Tell them, “I’ve enjoyed talking to you, but I talk all day at my job, and I’d really like to get some rest.” The Emily Post institute says that brushing off someone who’s trying to be friendly isn’t easy to do. But it’s a lot more polite than just putting up an icy wall of silence.