Whether you're traveling cross country or just across the state line, these strategies from Rodale Publications can make your trip much more pleasant and much safer.

  • First, don't stick your junk in the trunk. As long as you can secure the items, put the heaviest stuff in backseat for better balance.
  • Next, forget your schedule. According to Leon James, professor of psychology and author of "Road Rage and Aggressive Driving", trips usually take 10 to 15 percent longer than planned. Knowing that from the start will make you less stressed.
  • Also, put the Corn Nuts down. Keep your blood sugar under control on long trips by eating fiber-rich foods like apples and pears.
  • If you feel like you're fading, try this test. Glance at a road sign. Do your eyes focus quickly? If not, it's time to rest. That goes for you too, truckers.
  • One way to stay alert is to mix up the music you're listening to. Bring along a bunch of different CDs, different styles of music.
  • If your car only has a radio, check this website: radio-locator.com. It'll tell you what's on all over the country.
  • And remember, even if you don't think you need it, pull over every 3 hours to rest and go to the bathroom. It'll help you arrive at your destination in one piece.