If God had meant for man to fly, He’d have given us more patience. It’s not easy getting through airports these days. In fact a statistic on MSNBC said 30% of all flights were delayed in August. You could be making your trip harder than it needs to be. Here are the three mistakes you DON’T want to make on an airplane. These are from the book The Air Traveler's Survival Guide by long-time flight attendant James Wysong. They’re the real deal backed by millions of miles:

  • Mistake #1. Running late. Leaving everything to the last minute is asking for trouble. Allow enough time to check-in, go through security, and get to your gate. The same applies to connecting flights. So when you make your reservations, leave a minimum of 90 minutes between planes. Any less and YOU might get on board, only to find that your luggage didn’t.
  • Mistake #2: Having  great expectations. Don't count on the airline giving you anything more than a safe passage. Airlines are trying to reduce costs so magazines, blankets, meals, bottled water, and even aspirin aren’t always available. If you really need something, bring it along.  
  • Mistake #3: Going barefoot. It might feel nice to kick off your shoes, but aircraft floors can be a bacteria playground. Why? Because every trip to the bathroom tracks germs back into the cabin. So limit your exposure by keeping your shoes on.