If you're planning a little getaway anytime soon, here are two things to remember that'll make your trip less expensive, and less nerve-racking. These come from Peter Greenberg, the Travel Detective at Rodale Publishing.

  • Those outrageous phone rates! Hotels make a mint charging you for the calls you make from your hotel room. But the truth is, they only have to pay about 3 cents a minute for the phone service. So, rather than letting them make a 10-thousand percent profit by charging you $3 dollars a minute per call, try to negotiate an all-day rate with the manager. A reasonable deal is $10 dollars per day for all calls. And a lot of hotels will agree to this. All you have to do is ask.
  • And your second piece of travel intelligence has to do with those hotel key-cards you get to open the door to your room. There's been a rumor going around that these key-cards contain valuable personal information about you, like your credit card number. Our travel expert says that hotels ARE able to encode information like your name and room number   AND your credit card number   but most of them don't do this. But just to be safe, he says to cut up the card after you check-out.